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  • Laura Willoughby MBE

    Club Soda

    The Challenges and Opportunities for lo and no drinks

    Speaker and Judge 2019

  • Jonathan Butler

    OutSauced Restaurant Consultancy

    Develop Your Leadership and Engage Your Team to Drive Your Customer Experience

  • Paul Jackson

    Longleat Enterprises Ltd

    Food diversity in Leisure attractions

  • Paul Mitchell

    Accentia Franchise Consultants Limited

    Can Your Business Be the Next Starbucks or Mcdonald

  • Eamonn Bates

    Pack2Go Europe

    Moving ahead with the implementation of the SUP Directive

  • Graham Childs

    The Artisan Food Trail

    Small Business Marketing on an Even Smaller Budget

  • Sarah Ward

    B Smith Packaging

    Transition from plastic to paper and other alternatives for the food and beverage sector.

    Speaker and Judge 2019

  • Greg Swaby

    Levy UK

    Stadium and arena food and beverage in the dawning age of mindfulness

  • Eddie Stableford

    Brand Clock Consultancy

    How to become a disruptor food or drink brand

    Speaker and Judge 2019

Sport, Leisure Food & Beverage Expo runs alongside the below shows, all under the Leisure Hospitality and Tourism World banner
11th & 12th November, NEC Birmingham

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