Restaurant Tech Live blog post 1

The facilities management leader, Vixxo, has recently published the results of their research into the changing attitudes of American "grab and go" consumers.

While the research has been conducted within the US, their findings are equally as applicable to the eating habits of the UK public. 

This particular facet of the food and beverage industry is vital within leisure; it's not always convenient to sit down and have a full meal, especially with children around, so many families lean towards quick, easy options. 

Vixxo noted that 32% of consumers want to see more healthy snack items offered, and 68% said they would be more likely to frequent an outlet that offered healthy sandwiches and salads. They also commented that product variety and quality were also key factors to be considered when choosing which brand to purchase from.

Due to the nature of the grab and go market, brand loyalty can be hard to achieve. Despite this, it has been found that many will return to the same outlet time and time again if they are indeed offering these convenient options that are both healthy and delicious.

"These survey results underscore the importance of high-quality facilities management programs for accommodating changes in consumer buying patterns. Food service and beverage equipment including ovens, refrigeration, coffee and drink dispensers are key to enhancing the overall customer experience," said Jim Reavey, the CEO of Vixxo.