F’real: Extra Thick Shakes, Smoothies & Frappes simplified

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F’real is famously known for their self-serve machines which make premium extra thick milkshakes made with real ice cream and all-natural ingredients. F’real as over 21k locations globally and 500 within Europe and the Middle East. Currently available in Asda, Spar, Coop, Londis, Premier, Budgens, Alton Towers, Sealife Centre, Wembley and The Light Cinema to name just few.

Now the brand has launched a new food service machine, two smoothies and a coffee frappe to expand their blended beverage offer and market. The new food service machine is a similar size and operation to a home coffee machine. Simply plug in the machine, fill the removable reservoir with water, insert your frozen pro-portioned f’real cup into the machine and in 40 sections machine blends the drink so it is ready to drink.

The pre-portioned cup ensures a consistent high-quality product, no spills, no mess and no wastage. Minimal cleaning is also required, simply wash the blender spindle. The products can also be customised or turned into dessert shakes or freak shakes by adding inclusions, syrups and toppings such as cream. Furthermore, a shot of alcohol can be added prior to blending to make Cocktail shakes (Shaketails). All this can be done with one machine.

F’real has been working with Dominos on their Thick Shake programme which has been hugely successful. The product has launched in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and France. They have found that the milkshakes are bringing new customers to store, and driving incremental revenue with strong cash margins. Furthermore, traffic is being driven during times when the stores are less busy such as after lunch, before and after dinner. Further, the system is so efficient that the products are made at the touch of a button, so no operator time is wasted in making the drinks. Sales have taken off so much that Dominos Netherlands are featuring the milkshakes as the headline product for their summer TV campaign. Sales have doubled during the promotion.