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Clean Wine

Stand Number: 8212

Clean Wine is the wine treatment spray, that has been featured and reviewed across the national press, which works to reduce and even eliminate the effects of hangovers after drinking wine. 

Clean Wine works by safely removing sulphites found in nearly all wines, without affecting the taste of the wine.  Sulphites are used as a preservative in the winemaking process but are no longer required when the wine hits the glass.   

Sulphites have been clinically proven to significantly aggravate headaches and hangovers when drinking wine and can cause other allergic like symptoms, such as aggravating asthma.

Adding a spray of Clean Wine to your glass before drinking will significantly reduce the effects of a hangover and with no effect on the taste of the wine it’s a win win.

And what’s better still, it does this at a minimal cost from just 6 pence per glass of wine, with one Clean Wine bottle treating around 100 glasses of wine!

Clean Wine: Product image 1