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Clever Sweets Limited

Stand Number: 6190

Clever Sweets Limited is the manufacturer and retailer of clean label confectionery, based in the UK. Its lead product is a lollipop with world first recipes.

Our ethos is built on transparency. With just a handful of real fruit and natural ingredients and recyclable packaging we make this promise. Our products will always meet these criteria

-          Sugar free

-          Sweetener free

-          tooth friendly

-          the best allergen free natural colours and flavours

-          fortified with efficacy proven bioactive natural ingredients to enhance wellbeing

-          recyclable and compostable packaging

Consumers are demanding better choices. Millennials are now the parents of young children and together with Generation Z they are driving fast change in the marketplace. 

Foods high in fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) are under the spotlight.  The government is developing policies to act against their promotion. Clever Sweets Limited is committed to offering retailers future proof confectionery products and the opportunity to share in our ethical positioning.

Clever Sweets Limited: Product image 1
Clever Sweets Limited: Product image 2