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Delamere Dairy

Stand information: LFB938
  • | Food and Beverage producers/suppliers

Delamere sells an award-winning range of dairy and alternative dairy products, including plain & flavoured cows’ milks, goats’ products and dairy alternative ‘milks’.

Delamere's 97ml bottles of semi-skimmed milk and oat drink are designed for the hospitality industry. The perfect size for hotel rooms and in-room hospitality, both are heat treated to ensure a shelf life of up to six months unopened. Once opened, they should be treated as fresh milk. Both deliver a full flavour and can be used in hot drinks or poured over cereal. One 97ml bottle provides the equivalent of over 8 plastic milk jiggers traditionally used in hotel rooms, saving on plastic waste, as well as saving the time/ waste associated with delivering fresh milk to rooms. With a re-closeable lid and premium appearance, both the glass bottle and aluminium lid are fully recyclable.

Delamere has announced it has introduced 240ml glass bottles of its flavoured milk range which are now available to catering and hospitality customers.

Its larger 500ml range of flavoured milks is one of the best-selling flavoured milk brands in the UK. The new 240ml drinks in smaller glass bottles are single serve and designed for cafes, pubs, hotels and any food service setting.  Deliciously smooth and tasty, the drinks have all the goodness of milk and appeal to adults and children alike. The glass bottle is on trend and along with the aluminium lid, is fully recyclable.

The range includes the existing popular flavours; Chocolate, Banana, Strawberry and Iced Coffee. A new flavour will be added to both format sizes later this year. The range is ambient but is best served chilled, making it easy to stock, chill and serve over ice.  They can also be used as a cocktail base or heated in the winter months, adding to their versatility.


Yew Tree Farm, Bexton Lane,
WA16 9BH
United Kingdom
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