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Firetree Chocolate Ltd

Stand Number: 3202

Firetree ChocolateFiretree Limited is a multiple award-winning producer of luxurious, rich chocolate crafted using rare cocoa beans from remote volcanic island estates in the South Pacific and Oceania. The long finish, lingering taste, distinct depth and taste complexity of our chocolate is due to the uniquely nutrient rich, porous volcanic soils on which our “Firetrees” or cocoa trees grow. Our island award winning estate farmers use sustainable farming practices to ensure we receive the best quality beans. We work closely with them and support them by paying a substantial premium on the market price. Our beans are carefully controlled ‘box-fermented’ and solar-dried on site. They are shipped to our UK dairy-free and nut-free plant where our master Chocolate Maker ‘whole-bean’ roasts them and slowly conches the chocolate to bend the complex natural flavours into a unique, great tasting, silky smooth, rich dark chocolate. Firetree Chocolate is 100% vegan, kosher and halal.

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