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We rewrite the snacking rulebook, for the health of people and our planet.

It means coming up with big ideas for better snacking - and standing up to the snack-stablishment. 

Because no one should feel peckish, sluggish, or even guilty after a snack. So we use the best ingredients nature has to offer. Rustle up nutritionally balanced recipes. And give every snack an added benefit or two like protein or fibre. Most of all, we make every snack knock-your-socks-off delicious.

Our inspiration? You, of course - and anyone who’s ever snacked. It’s how we’ve built our community of grazers into the millions, created thousands of snack recipes, and reimagined snacking for the better over the last 13-odd years. And it’s how we became the number 1 healthy snacking brand in the UK. 

Ripping up the rulebook doesn’t stop there (or ever, if we’re honest). Because doing right by you means doing right by our planet, too. Using renewable energy, sending zero waste to landfill from our factory, and working towards net zero carbon emissions by 2030 is just the start. 

In 2021 we became a certified B Corp - and we couldn’t be prouder to show that, when it comes to standing up for the health of people and the planet, we’re never out of ideas.

Making properly amazing snacks that are better for you and the planet? Now that’s a graze idea.