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Hullabaloo was born out of sheer frustration with rubbish filled kids` treats. As mums we were shocked to discover that chocolates aimed at kids often contain an astounding 60% sugar. Through tireless practice, exploration and research we perfected the holy grail of the ultimate tasty better-for-you treat. By not taking no for an answer we removed the negative impacts of sugar without compromising on taste or the emotional fulfilment of a chocolatey treat.
Our bars are made with 75% less sugar than the average kids` chocolate bar for treat-time highs without the sugar lows. We have achieved our 75% sugar reduction with plant-based sweeteners chicory root fibre and erythritol. We use chicory root to help keep hungry tummies healthy and make our chocolates more filling to curb snack cravings. Erythritol is a plant-based sweetener found in juicy fruit like melons and pears. We use this sugar alternative because it's tooth-friendly, zero calories and zero GI. It gives our chocolates a yummy taste without the sugar lows.
Our chocolate bars are not meant to be health bars. They do not contain hidden vegetables or added protein. In an ideal world, we would of course not be giving our kids chocolate. They would be snacking on broccoli. However, we live in this world, and we really enjoy sharing treat times with our kids. We wanted to create treats that kids would be happy to receive, and parents would be happy to give.
We launched in December 2019 with two bars: Oddberry -soft raspberry nougat, covered in milk chocolate and Nuttymunch - peanuts, fudge and rice crisps covered in milk chocolate. This is just the start. We have lots of exciting new products in the pipeline for 2020.

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