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Stand Number: 2202

ONOFood, part of the ONG group, has been trading now for several years, with our exciting new product launches, The home of all things From ONOShake brand, with its freshly made milkshake, frappes, and ONODog, A choice of succulent meaty German sausage,  Meow Slush too and its refreshing full-flavored Slush,


we have decided that it’s time to come to the forefront and took the bold step of attending the Leisure F&B Show.


First and foremost - we believe all our customers are important and provide probably the best backup and response times in the industry, whilst supplying top grade up to date equipment. The products themselves have been thoroughly researched to get that extra little bit of something special for your customers. So, please do come and see us, at Stall number 2202, and see what we can do for you.

ONOFood: Product image 1
ONOFood: Product image 2