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Purple Planet Packaging

Stand Number: 4194

Purple Planet Packaging is a nationwide company servicing customers and businesses of all sizes across the country. We pride ourselves in putting our customers` needs first, providing plastic free products. Formed in 2017, we had a vision to provide high quality, cost effective and stylish eco packaging. We wanted organisations to move away from the standard, oil based and old-fashioned packaging that was available at the time. We offer a wide range of catering disposables all of which are certified 100% fully compostable. Our range covers a wide variety of catering needs right down to compostable food preparation gloves and bin liners. Our extremely durable products are cleverly designed to be suitable for many different types of food and some products are designed to be used with others to create excellent Food-on-the-Go solutions. Our mission is working, and we now supply over 1000 businesses from small delis and independent coffee shops to multi-national organisations with sites across the UK. We also supply cafes, caterers, juice bars and delis in Europe and Worldwide so get in touch and we can fulfil your packaging needs. Our foodservice disposables are designed and manufactured to provide an affordable, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing solution so your customers can enjoy food on the go, while minimizing negative impact on the environment. When you are running a food business, single-use packaging can be unavoidable, but we can help reduce the negative impact on the environment. Our food packaging solutions are designed with you in mind and sustainably sourced from our manufacturing partners across Asia. They are designed to be either home or commercially compostable and recyclable. Our product environmental claims are substantiated by independent third-party certifications and we have sustainable sourcing policies in place to ensure that all points in their supply chain are compliant with the most rigorous ISO environmental, quality and food safety standards. We aim to provide our customers with a friendly and exceptional service. We love to work with organisations from a wide range of industries no matter how large or small and will gladly adapt to your needs. We urgently need to start taking steps to reduce plastic use, especially where it is totally unnecessary. Lots of individuals and businesses taking small steps will together help to solve the problem that we are currently leaving for future generations. It will cost everybody a few pence more but the cost of doing nothing will be far greater. Many businesses along with Purple Planet Supplies have already said NO to plastic - will you join them?

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