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Smashed Alcohol Free Drynks

Stand Number: 4210

We are Drynks Unlimited, and Smashed is our flagship brand of authentic, truly alcohol free beer, lager and cider, crafted to perfection in the UK.

To make a great tasting alcohol free drink you absolutely have to start with a great tasting alcoholic one; so we paired up our very own Drynks wizard with the UK`s only Cool Vacuum Distillation plant - an alchemic fusion of master brewer and clever tech to gently tease out all of the alcohol whilst leaving the original character, aroma and flavour unscathed.

We refuse to let alcohol free be a boring, second class option, and our Smashed range gives discerning drinkers quality, taste, natural ingredients and choice, with an unmatched line-up of Lager, Pale Ale, Cider, Fruit Cider and Citrus Beer.

So if you`re cutting out or cutting down, and crying out for a decent AF alternative, we hear you!
The Smashed range of real beer, lager and cider has got it all - truly fruity, truly dry, truly crisp, truly hoppy, truly vegan, truly 0.0% alcohol.

Smashed from Drynks Unlimited - Rethinking Drynking!

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