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COVID Safety

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The health and safety of our visitors, exhibitors, and staff is our greatest priority. Fortem International and The NEC is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all who partake in our exhibitions. Fortem International has been following public health officials closely in our efforts to assure that we are constantly meeting and maintaining health and safety expectations throughout this time of uncertainty.

As we approach the event we will continue to work closely with the venue to ensure that we meet the COVID-19 regulations. Please see some of the measures that we will be putting in place for your safety.

  • FOTREM COVID-19 Safety Measures

    • Sending you your ticket to print at home and bring to the show with you

    • Supporting testing and tracing. Events are one of the industries where the testing and tracing is most possible and efficient as we record all our exhibitors, visitors, staff, etc that have been onsite

    • Managing the flow of traffic throughout the exhibition

    • Widening of aisles to create a safe distance, compliant with social distancing, including seating areas within seminar halls, masterclasses, and networking areas

    • Focusing on a digital approach before and at the event. With attendees having to pre-register to attend with contactless registration onsite to limit unnecessary contact with staff

    • Using digital credentials to limit touch points

    • Issuing best practices for visitors and exhibitors, such as avoiding shaking hands and sharing digital business cards

    • Following governmental guidance, the use of face coverings in exhibition centres is now mandatory

    • Installing additional informational signage inside the hall

  • The NEC COVID-19 Safety Measures

    • Supporting testing and tracing via pre-booked parking

    • Controlling the venue circulation with one-way systems, queuing plans, barriers and floor markings

    • Limiting touch points throughout the facilities including contactless access to the show and cashless systems for purchases and transactions

    • Placing sanitising stations throughout the venue for customer and staff use

    • Enhancing venue sanitisation throughout the day with particular focus on frequent contact surfaces

    • Creating the position of “washroom attendants” to ensure hygiene standards are maintained at all times

    • Installing informational signage throughout the venue to encourage personal hygiene and social distancing practices

    • Following governmental guidance, the use of face coverings in exhibition centres is now mandatory