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Monthly News Reel: What You Missed This August in the Leisure Food and Beverage World


It’s that time of the month again, where we give you the monthly news reel, updating you on all the latest industry gossip. Don’t miss out on the most recent Leisure Food and Beverage stories, and stay in the loop!

The food and drink industry is always changing and, at the Leisure F&B Expo on 6th and 7th November, we want to keep you informed. That's why we offer FREE tickets to our show; we can’t let you fall behind when it comes to the latest industry trends, after all.

So, let’s waste no time, and dive right in…

Reading a magazine with a mug of tea is a relaxing way to unwind after a long day

All Things Meat

This month, there have been a number of stories discussing the recently controversial “meat”. Whether it be climate change provoking a shift, allergies, and so on, we’ve got all the current stories involving the M word.

Tick Bite Meat Allergies

Over recent weeks, researchers have been preoccupied by a strange turn of events. A previous mystery, wherein a number of people abruptly experienced an allergic reaction to meat, has been linked to the immunological changes caused by some tick bites!

The Lone Star Tick can mostly be found in woodland areas of the Midwest, East, and Southeast United States. It can be identified by its brown colouring, the white marking on its back, and spider-like legs.

Sufferers must be extremely vigilant, avoiding beef, pork, and anything containing these characteristics. Not to worry, though, as scientists at the University of Virginia School of Medicine are working on discovering more about why these changes occur, and how a potential cure may be possible.

Hamburger Ban

With the climate change emergency becoming pressing, large institutions are taking a stand, and moving towards more sustainable choices. Goldsmiths, University of London is pioneering the force in this regard, by banning all beef-based products from their shelves.

That said, they haven’t stopped there. Not only are they charging a 10p levy on all single-use plastic cups and bottled water, they’ve made plans for a switch to 100 percent clean energy, solar panel installations, and an allotment.

Vegan Inspiration

It’s not just London universities which are pushing forward this sustainable lifestyle, but big supermarkets, like Tesco, too. With Christmas campaigns already well underway, Tesco have let on that they’ll be launching vegan battered brussel sprouts over the christmas period!

Tesco has also been joined by the likes of Greggs and KFC, who are looking to expand their current ranges to include vegan alternatives. In fact, not only has KFC added vegan “chicken” nuggets to their range, which sold out in 5 hours, but Greggs are hoping to create vegan alternatives for many of their fan favourites. Vegan steak bake? Yes please!

Finally, Moving Mountains’ vegan hot dogs and “bleeding” vegan burgers are soon to emerge at Stonegate Pubs, in some areas within the UK. With such movements being pushed forward, it’s no wonder that vegan takeaway orders have increased by 388% in just two years!

Green brussel sprouts might have a bad reputation, but there's a lot you can do with them which make them delicious

Chocolate Choices

Famous brands are where big differences start. Our faith in humanity is always restored when we see universal names taking leaps and bounds to make this world a better place. Let’s take a look at the brands who are doing just that…

Cadbury Calories

Obesity is an ever-growing problem, especially considering the cheap access people have to junk food, compared to healthy meals. Therefore, it’s really no surprise that recent statistics show an increase in obesity levels over the past few years, especially in children. With recent studies demonstrating the dangers of obesity, and its causal links with cancer, it’s fantastic to see big companies like Cadbury, helping along.

Cadbury’s recent mission? To make all their small chocolate snacks under 100 calories each! By reducing the sizes of their products, and either reducing the costs of them, or keeping them the same, they’ll be removing billions of calories from the market.

Mars Madness

It’s not just Cadbury who are making big changes to help humanity. Mars are also taking a stand, by using their extraordinary funds to help six start-ups accelerate their growth.

One of the most interesting companies they’re planning on helping out is Skye Blackburn’s Edible Bug Shop, selling edible insects for the masses. We’ve already discussed how edible insects are, for sure, the next big market trend, and Mars has certainly recognised this movement.

Coca-Cola Robot

If you think eating bugs is cool, you’ve not seen anything yet. Coca-Cola have recently begun trials for robot delivery service, at Alton Towers. Equipped with GPS and laser sensors means they can deliver drinks to their visitors all day! Are robots taking over?

No Food Waste? No Fuss

Following on from this trend of sustainability, it seems it’s also the average layman who can make a difference.

Wedding Waste

A savvy couple, at their wedding, have managed to save hundreds of pounds by serving their guests food waste! Sounds pretty grim right?


Food waste is a massive problem, and there are a number of emerging brands who are capitalising on this waste, leftover from large supermarkets. Kayley and Joe Tilston leaped on the opportunity to save money, and served up 250kg of surplus food, which would have otherwise gone in the bin. Per person, they would have saved around £15!

Sex Lives of Flies?

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has been working on ways to increase the sexual activity of Black Soldier Flies, to produce more maggots for consuming food waste. After testing all the variables, in different combinations, to figure out the ultimate recipe, they’ve come to a solution that could reduce landfill!

Fruit and vegetables often end up as food waste, which is why big supermarkets must stop wasting food

Monthly News? Completed It.

This month has certainly been an interesting one - almost as interesting as our British weather! To stay on top of all the current Leisure F&B topics, make sure to keep up-to-date with our blog. Don’t miss a thing, and we’ll see you here next month, for your monthly news reel!

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