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It’s Competition Time: Enter the World Beverage Innovation Awards


It’s competition time! The World Beverage Innovation Awards deadline is nearly upon us. Apply now to be recognised across the industry!

The World Beverage Innovation Awards, in association with BrauBeviale, are designed to celebrate excellence and innovation across every category of the global beverage industry. As the most established scheme in the industry, these awards are a fantastic way for you to enhance the promotion of your brand.

By entering the World Beverage Innovation Awards, you can ensure your brand and products are recognised on a global scale, by the leaders in the industry. Being successfully shortlisted provides a hallmark of success that will prevail long after the awards draw to a close.

This trusted brand recognition highlights the contribution your company’s products and team are making to the industry. The winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony at BrauBeviale on 13 November 2019. Enter by the deadline, September 30th 2019, and don’t miss out!

These fruity drinks look delicious, and so refreshing for the summer

What is the Prize Package For the World Beverage Innovation Awards?

In addition to the prestige of winning a World Beverage Innovation Award, winners and finalists will also receive a comprehensive Media Package to showcase their success. The package will include:

  • A presentation of your shortlisted product during the special awards ceremony at the Braubeviale, to an audience of leading decision-makers.

  • A dedicated announcement of your success on social media to FoodBev’s 50,000 followers.

  • The chance to be photographed by a professional photographer with your trophy, to showcase your win.

  • A comprehensive communications kit complete with a press release, logos to use on packaging, websites or emails signatures, a certificate of excellence and, of course, a trophy for winners!

  • Your success will also be promoted as a dedicated top story on, reaching our 125,000 unique visitors, including our video presentation of all winners and finalists.

  • Plus, all entrants will receive a FREE 1-year digital subscription package to our industry-leading magazines, FoodBev and Refreshment plus weekly beverage news updates, worth £98. 

Competition Time Entry Criteria

All products entered must have been launched/created/rebranded from July 2018 onwards. Products that are not yet in the market can still be entered as long as they are in their prototype/packaging stage by the closing date of this scheme. Products can be entered into multiple categories.

The award are looking for newcomer brands or businesses that:

  • Are fit for purpose and fit for market.

  • Are able to justify or support any claims made.

  • Clearly communicate benefits – from nutrition, health and functionality, to fun or simple refreshment.

  • Have delivered a unique proposition, either through innovative ingredients or packaging, environmental sustainability, clean label or ethical behaviour.

These pretty drinks represent the array of beverages out there which could be in with a chance of winning the World Beverage Innovation Award

They are also looking for an array of other factors, including…

New Ingredients That:

  • Are genuinely innovative and offer measurable advantages for manufacturers and/or consumers.

  • Offer added value for producers and consumers in terms of health, nutrition, taste, mouthfeel, or sweetness.

  • Have market impact for developing a product category or extending consumer choice.

Packaging Designs and Innovations That:

  • Measurably improve consumer convenience, usability and reduction of waste material.

  • Offer added value for brand owners and create differentiation through excellent and original design.

  • Create new consumption occasion opportunities.

  • Effectively communicates ingredients and health benefits.

Manufacturing or Processing Innovations That:

  • Offer new technologies saving time or money in food manufacturing and throughout the distribution chain.

  • Improve environmental sustainability criteria.

  • Improve packaging line efficiency and safety.

  • Improve tracking through smart technology.

Sustainability and CSR Initiatives That Create Measurable Environmental Benefits in:

  • Light weighting of packaging/ post-consumer waste reduction.

  • Water and energy conservation.

  • Ethical and environmental initiatives that make a major contribution to a company’s published CSR reporting.

Marketing Campaigns, Activations, Promotions, Print, digital, or Point-of-sale Campaigns That:

  • Entertain, inform or educate consumers.

  • Demonstrate originality.

  • Promote or provide education around specific themes such as nutrition and weight management.

This drink with limes next to it looks really cold and fresh

What’s stopping you?

Enter today and win that award!

To enter, please visit the FoodBev Media application page to learn more about the World Beverage Innovation Awards. If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to call them on +44 (0)1225 327867, or email

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