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Who Should Visit the Leisure F&B Expo?


Thinking about attending the Leisure F&B Expo, but not sure if it’s for you? We assure you, all are welcome! Read more to see why...

It may seem as though we only welcome those in the food and drink industry through the doors of the Leisure F&B Expo. Here, you’d be mistaken! We welcome companies and individuals from any and every sector, just as long as you offer food and drink, or are thinking about doing so in the future.

The Leisure F&B Expo is just weeks away now, and is the perfect venue for food and drink executives, managers, and directors, from any and every sector, to get inspired. Get your FREE ticket to the show to discover the newest and best ways to draw in customers through your doors and boost profits, just through food and drink!

This food platter represents the importance of getting your food and drink right in order to keep up with the consumer market

1. Catering Companies

In order to stay on top of the constantly changing consumer market, it’s important that your catering company stays on board with the trends! Whether it be veganism, sustainability, or anything else in between, the Leisure F&B Expo showcases the companies who are really keeping up with what consumers want. Take a leaf from their book, and invest in what they have to offer, to boost your catering offerings, and keep your users happy.

2. Entertainment and Amusement Sites

We welcome companies from across the entertainment and amusement industry, including family attractions, such as museums, theme parks, arcades, carnivals, zoos, and so much more!

Every single one of these places, as you well know, provides food and drinks for their visitors. Keep up with the trends, and provide trendy offerings to make sure their customers keep coming back for more. Don’t lose to your competitors, and provide the refreshments that your customers want.

3. Holiday Parks & Resorts

On a similar vein, we also welcome individuals from companies like holiday parks and resorts, who work tirelessly to please their customers with the latest and best food and drink options. Whether it be buffet food or restaurant delicacies, pub classics or fizzy drinks, vending machines or hotel room freebies, the list of refreshment options is endless!

The Leisure F&B Expo will expose you to some of the latest food and drink trends to take on, in order to please your customers. That said, it’s not just new ideas but also classic favourites, like slushies and coffee, that you can get a hold of at the expo to really add to your hospitality offerings.

Providing drinks by the pool at your holiday park or resort is a great way to boost customer experience

4. Events and Festivals

Food and drink organisers, and scouters from events and festivals, will also be completely welcome through the NEC doors in just a few weeks time. All festivals, as well as event holders like wedding venues, concerts, theatres, and anything else under the sun, will require tasty food and drink to serve to the visitors. After all, food is the way to anyone’s heart.

At the show, you’ll be inundated with food and drink options to excite the ever-changing consumer market. Don’t miss out on the chance to get inspired, and make new contacts with business companions, very soon!

5. Retailer Outlets

We also can’t forget retail outlets and shopping malls, who will always require refreshments for those avid shoppers. Anyone who knows anything about shopping will know that it gets a little tiring from time to time, and a food or drink break is essential.

By discovering some of the most popular consumer trends, and meeting the people who sell them, face-to-face, you can find new ways to please your visitors. What’s more, you could even get a hold of some on-site deals from the exhibitors, who will be treating their investors with limited money-saving opportunities!

6. Offices

Did you know that one of the best ways to boost productivity in your office is by providing on-site catering? Well, it’s true, as on-site catering has been proven to increase employee happiness and quality of life, which improves work ethic.

By meeting and greeting an array of catering companies at the Leisure F&B Expo, you could get one step closer to the ultimate working environment. Investing in your companies’ future has never been easier.

This catered food on a table has been proven to increase employee happiness and boost productivity in your office

Get Involved in the Leisure F&B Expo!

As you can see, the Leisure F&B Expo welcomes food and drink organisers and scouters from almost every sector! As long as refreshments are required at your venue, the NEC, Birmingham is the place to be, this 6th & 7th November.

Get your FREE ticket to experience everything our show has to offer! That’s not all, though, as your ticket also gets you complete access to the other adjoining shows - Farm Innovation Show, Country House Business Innovation Show, Family Attraction Expo, and the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Show. Discover the newest, best, and most successful ways of diversifying, innovating, and improving your company, in just one months time.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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