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Monthly News Reel: What You Missed This November in the Food and Beverage Industry


Keeping up with trends in the food and beverage industry can be tough, but that’s why we’re here! Check out this monthly news segment to find out the latest industry gossip...

Every month, our monthly news reel for the food and beverage industry hones in on the hottest trends that need to be addressed. This month, the vegan movement has really taken the stage, as usual. The difference this month is that veganism is our one and only theme for our monthly news!

The fact is that meat-free food sales have soared by almost 20 percent, and Deliveroo stats show that vegan orders have almost quadrupled over two years! Due to this, companies big and small are creating new products which serve this growing trend. Take a look at the latest vegan products, and embrace the meat-free movement...

The Good Newspaper surrounded by donuts and coffee is the perfect set up for reading the monthly news

Fast Food Focus

Fast food is one of the biggest problems we, as a society, face, as obesity rates continue to soar. That said, fast food restaurants are really taking the lead here, taking steps to secure a more sustainable future.

Taking on this responsibility are Burger King and Unilever, who have launched their ‘Rebel Whopper’. A tasty, meat-alternative, shoppers have even reported that it tastes just like the real thing!

What’s more, Subway have also launched a vegan classic; a meat-free version of their meatball sub. With delicious vegan fast-food options now available, there seems to be no excuse to continue to eat meat every day.

Setting an Example

The owner of Greggs has recently taken a vegan pledge, and is steering away from their meat-filled delights, towards their vegan options. This is a personal choice, which is certainly setting an example for Greggs shoppers. However, the franchise itself has started to assume its role of “corporate social responsibility agenda”.

They’ve done this by urging their customers to purchase their ring-shaped doughnuts, rather than the filled donuts. This way, they can ensure their customers consume less calories on their visit.

Restaurants Take a Stand

Following from this fast-food focus, we can’t ignore the big restaurant chains who are also joining the sustainable bandwagon. Zizzi, the popular Italian restaurant, has recently launched a completely vegan pepperoni pizza! With many would-be vegans out there, who would miss the umami taste of meat, this is a great alternative for them.

To add to this, one of the UK’s favourite buffet outlets, Harvester, has also started to cater for their vegan customers. By setting up their ‘Meat-Free Mondays', starting at £6 each, they’re making sure it’s not just salad on the menu.

This vegan pizza is very unusual, as it's got a black base, and purple and green toppings, but it looks delicious

New Launches

Some more exciting Christmas-focused vegan products have also graced the scene. In fact, the beloved chocolate brand, Mars, have launched three fantastic Galaxy vegan chocolate bars. Including the flavours of salted caramel, caramelised hazelnut, and orange, there’s an option for every chocolate-lover.

To top it off, the Great British Bake Off 2018's Briony has recently launched her own brand of meat-free pies! Perfect for the winter months, Briony has joined with Wyke cheese and Holland Pies to create a deep cheddar and onion pie. It’s not just vegetarians that can enjoy this, but meat lovers too!

New Innovations

With veganism becoming an increasingly popular trend, some companies are going above and beyond to make a stand. Firstly, mushrooms are a classic meat substitute, and Meati Foods are taking inspiration from this idea, using fermented fungus to create a meat substitute. Using beer-brewing processes along the way, this inventive idea could change the face of “meat” eating.

What’s more, Netherlands food oil supplier, Bunge Loders Croklaan, have been trying to develop vegetable oils and fats which mimic the flavours of meat. This is ideal for people who wish to cut down on their burgers and steaks, but still want the flavour of meat. The idea is to create a satisfying and full flavour, even when eating a vegetable patty!

With this sort of sustainable living becoming a must, edible insects are also a great way that companies are making a difference. EntoCube, a new Finnish start-up, have set up a €250,000 edible insect farm in a 60-year-old underground mine. Here, they’re growing insects, in the 28-degree geothermal heat, ready for the edible insect revolution!

Within this theme, a new bread has been launched by a UK bakery, using Eat Grub’s cricket flour in the baking process. With lots more health benefits than the usual loaf of bread, alongside its sustainability factor, this just shows the growing nature of the insect-olution.

Finally, a US start-up, Air Protein, have actually made “meat” from the CO2 in the air! So, not only are they hoping to tackle the meat industry issues, they’re also wanting to combat climate change in the process.

A tasty green bowl of vegan food will do wonder for your health

That’s a Wrap on the Food and Beverage Industry Monthly News...

Have these meat-free wonders changed your approach to serving meat at your establishment? The Leisure F&B Expo is all about supporting changes like this; are you ready to take the necessary steps?

On the 11th & 12th November, at the NEC, Birmingham, you can meet and greet the companies who can change your approach. If you have an amazing vegan product to share, then get in touch to exhibit at the 2020 show. Otherwise, if you want to discover some of the latest industry products to stay on top of trends, like veganism, stay tuned for our FREE ticket applications soon.

This is our last monthly newsreel of the year. We’ve loved updating you, every month, on the latest industry gossip. If you want to stay informed, we’ll be back for another news update in January. For now, we wish you a fantastic festive season!

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