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Top 5 Adult Advent Calendar Ideas to Market Your F&B Products


It’s not just children who can enjoy a tasty treat on the days leading to Christmas! Could an adult advent calendar help you market your F&B product or improve your offerings?

The food and beverage industry is developing every day. It’s not enough to simply sell your products; inventive and innovative ways to sell them are all the rage!

One fantastic way to sell your products in a seasonal and festive way is through advent calendars. That said, these days, the food advent calendar 2019 trend consists of anything but the standard chocolate! Advent calendar for grown ups are now very in, involving all things luxury and alcohol.

For some useful ideas which will allow you to market your food and beverage products effectively, you came to the right place. Check out these fantastic adult advent calendar ideas to get inspired...

This white advent calendar really reminds me of a snowy Christmas scene

The History of the Advent Calendar

Advent calendars originated during the 19th century, in Germany, and the first known advent calendar can be traced back to 1851. They acted as they do now - marking the lead up towards Christmas - but, naturally, took a much more religious turn during this protestant era.

Early advent calendars consisted of hanging pictures up, lighting candles, or drawing a line in chalk on the wall for the 24-day lead-up. From this, the advent calendar began to spread around the globe, and printing of calendars became commonplace after WWII, in 1946.

Now, advent calendars are a popular phenomenon, and are a huge market. People are even willing to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on them, like the Tiffany & Co. calendar 2019.

Top 5 Adult Advent Calendar Ideas

Nothing beats the excitement of opening your advent calendar every morning on the lead up to Christmas. Even as an adult, this is still very much part of the fun, but sometimes, a small piece of chocolate just doesn’t cut it! Take a look at some other great ideas for adult advent calendars that your company could take inspiration from...

1. Luxury Chocolate

One of the most popular advent calendar ideas is chocolate. They’re available in every store during the lead up to Christmas, and are usually cheap and cheerful. That said, many chocolate companies have started to branch out, selling their luxury chocolate advent calendars for a dearer price!

2. Alcohol Advent

On the adult advent calendar theme, we can’t forget about the most adult product of all - alcohol! Alcohol advent calendars are all the rage, and contain small bottles of your festive favourites. Whether it be different flavours of gin, wines from different regions and of different colours, or different types of prosecco and champagne, there’s something for every drinker out there.

3. Cheesy Treats

There are a lot of people out there who would choose a savoury treat over something sweet. So, with these individuals in mind, it’s important to provide something that they can enjoy.

The answer? Cheese, of course!

Cheese can come in many types, including blue, smoked, parmesan, cheddar, brie, camembert, and so many more. Christmas is the perfect time to stock up on cheeses. Whether the consumer eats their cheese on the day, or saves up for an amazing cheese board on Christmas day, the choice is theirs.

This Merry Christmas scene really puts me in the Christmas spirit

4. Tasty Tea

Most Brits will have at least one cup of tea every day. Tea advent calendars are perfect for tea lovers, as they can include new and interesting flavours that might never otherwise be tried! This way, not only can the consumer get a tasty treat every day, they’ll also be able to try and test your tea products to inform a purchase later on.

5. Unique Ideas

There are also some more surprising choices for advent calendars, which are ideal when you have a specific person in mind to gift it to. These include:

  • Cereal

  • Spice mixes

  • Chutneys and jams

  • Sauces

This just goes to show that, whatever product you produce and distribute, you should be able to find a market for it. The more unusual and exciting, the better!

These wrapped presents are dressed in red, white and gold; all the Christmas colours

Why Not Introduce Your Own Adult Advent Calendar?

Adult advent calendars are a great marketing tool for any food and drink company. Not only do they make a great incentive to purchase your products, but they could also encourage repeat purchases, through allowing customers a taster of what you provide.

If you think you have the makings of a festive adult advent calendar, and you want to introduce this into the industry, then don’t hesitate to exhibit at our 2020 Leisure F&B Expo. Head over to the NEC, Birmingham on 11th & 12th November, and show off what you have to offer.

Or, if you want some foodie inspiration to vamp up your company’s offerings, don’t miss out on getting your FREE tickets to the show. We look forward to meeting you next year!

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