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Issues of global environment and climate change are becoming nearly impossible to ignore and consumers have taken notice. With demand for sustainable products and product packaging constantly increasing, it’s not surprising that firms have taken charge at creating sustainable, environmentally friendly, “green” products to satisfy the ever-growing consumer desire to be able to conveniently decrease their environmental impact. There are many product lines to cater for all and most recently, with the current pandemic our platter box/grazing boxes have been growing in popularity.

One of our newest customers is Clare, from Kent, mum to Sam 20, Jess 16, Amelia 11, and director of Clare's Kandy. Clare originally started her business in her local area “just see how it would work”, to Clare’s surprise, it took off really well and now has many regular and loyal customers ordering sweet platters, sweet cones, sweet cakes, and many more sweet products. Due to demands being so high, Clare and her daughter Jess are looking to expand their ever-growing business. Jess, soon to fly the nest to study

Theatrical and Media makeup, has developed and introduced ‘Movie Boxes’ an innovative perfect platter box for two to share during a movie night. A simple yet incredibly effective idea which will no doubt be a huge hit. Clare’s newest arrival will consist of two drinks, a wide range of snacks including candy floss, pringles, crisps, chocolate bars, lollies, pick ‘n’ mix sweets and of course popcorn! All packaged up neat and tidy in eco- friendly regular platter boxes, wrapped with a ribbon and sealed with a personalised sticker, the look is going to be amazing! Clare said "it was really important to us to be able to find the right packaging for our new product line, taking into consideration the overall look we are aiming to achieve and being environmentally friendly as this is the way of the World now. As our business grows further we will be looking to introduce more eco friendly packaging products when launching our candy cart.'

This is one example of how customers are using platter boxes. Other customers are using them for a variety of applications including cakes, salads, cold buffet confectionary and sandwiches.

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