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Firetree Chocolate launch their Innovations Collection

What makes Firetree different? 

Firetree cocoa beans are sourced from the world’s most remote, tropical volcanic islands, making their luxury chocolate some of the rarest in the world. They choose exotic locations, such as Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, The Solomon Islands and the Philippines due to their rich volcanic soils, which results in the unique and intense flavour profiles of the beans, creating lingering and complex taste notes in every bite. Experiencing Firetree Chocolate can be likened to tasting a fine wine, cognac or champagne.

Time to choose ethical chocolate

Firetree trade directly with the best single estates and know their farmers well, visiting them annually to maintain these relationships and ensure they get to enjoy the resulting chocolate their beans have produced. Firetree pay them a substantial premium on the ‘farm gate’ price to guarantee a sustainable living for them and their families and to ensure that they can afford to operate to environmentally-sound agricultural standards.

Expanding the core range

After winning multiple awards across the entire core range of single estate chocolate, Firetree decided it was time to expand with the Innovations Collection. Five brand new bars venturing into the world of inclusions, premium dairy-free Oat Milk chocolate and further discoveries of rare cocoa beans from exotic volcanic islands. 

We speak to David Zulman, Firetree’s co-founder and Managing Director, about the new Innovations launch: “The Innovations Collection has been created to bring you new and exotic chocolate experiences. Our chocolate maker searches in remote volcanic islands to find rare cocoa beans and natural ingredients which are then carefully crafted to create these exciting tastes. The result is our fun and delicious Innovations Collection. Watch out for new additions.

The Innovations Collection includes:

  • Dominican Republic 72% cocoa – with taste notes of intense chocolate, spicy ref fruits and a hint of           banana.

  • Indonesian, Serum Island 72% cocoa – This volcanic island produces beans with pleasing notes of               toasted walnuts, treacle and floral notes. 

  • Vanuatu, Malekula Island 100% cocoa – After the Solomon Islands 100% cocoa bar becoming a                   Firetree bestseller, they added this bar with intense rich cocoa and red fruit flavour notes for the no         added sugar aficionados. 

  • Vanuatu, Malekula Island 72% with cocoa nibs – an enchanting mix of roasted cocoa nibs laying on              bed of rich Vanuatu dark chocolate. The taste notes of white grape, cherry and lemon is present in            both nib and chocolate. 

  • Oat Milk– This plant-based chocolate provides the buttery richness of toasted oats with Solomon               Islands single estate dark chocolate, creating a rich and creamy alternative to milk chocolate.

Firetree chocolate is dairy-free, nut free, Vegan, Halal and Kosher.

Customer testimonial

Just a stunningly packaged, ethically strong, beautiful product. Not to mention delicious. If all chocolate was this encapsulating, the world would be a better place.” Sarah, Trustpilot


COMPANY NAME: Firetree Chocolate Ltd

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