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Set Up Your Very Own Haunted Food Tour, With Us!


Are you looking for a unique and memorable way to excite foodies, tourists, and thrillseekers alike? Then perhaps a haunted food tour is the answer...

We all love the colours and tastes of autumn, be it crisp, orange leaves, woollen jumpers, pumpkin pies, autumn candles, or cool brisk days. Who could resist all this, paired with ghostly tales about the surrounding area? That’s right, we’re talking about a haunted food tour!

The Leisure F&B Expo is all about inspiring you with ideas for improving your customer experience, through food, to help you boost profits. If you want to meet the people who can take crazy and unique ideas, like a haunted food tour, to the finish line, then get your FREE tickets to our show! Read on to get inspired with new ways of intriguing visitors...

This picture of a ghostly coffee is a very cute way to celebrate Halloween

Types of Food Tours

Taste tours are a pretty simple concept, consisting of a tour around the best restaurants in the area, with small tasters in each place. In essence, these are great ways to explore the city you’re in, enjoying some local food in the process. Some of the most popular culinary tours out there include:

  • Pizza tour

  • Vegan food tours

  • Wine tour

  • The Roman food tour

  • Mexican food tour

  • Cheese tour

  • Culture tours

Most food tours are walking tours from restaurant to restaurant. That said, there are also a variety of other food tour experiences that involve touring a city, whilst eating on a mode of transport. For example, food tour cruises are common, as well as train tours too! Whatever you decide, though, you’ll need the help to set it up...

So… What is a Haunted Food Tour?

A haunted food tour is a fantastic way to draw in visitors with an exciting tour around a specific city or area. Regale your visitors with exciting, spooky tales, providing catering along the way, to feed their - ghost hunting and literal - appetite!

A haunted food tour is normally a walking food tour, so visitors stroll around the area, making pit-stops at local restaurants and buildings on the way. Naturally, these pit-stops are are rumoured to be haunted, and your tour guides will get the chance to relay the haunted tales to the visitors as they eat.

Depending on the tour, the food aspect could be tailored to the seasons. For example, during the Halloween period, autumnal food could be the catering choice. Or, perhaps you could treat visitors with your latest catering treats. Whatever you fancy, the whole experience will be a memorable one.

From what it seems, America is way ahead of the UK in terms of their ghost hunting experiences. Take some inspiration from these two popular American haunted food tours, so you can see what it’s all about...


Chew Philly food tours offer a fantastic experience for visitors to the city. Specifically, they provide six autumn-themed tasting menus, as their costumed tour guides take visitors from place-to-place, regaling them with ghostly stories of the areas. They even take the tour to some of the haunted buildings in the area, eating autumn food and telling ghost stories as they go.


This is another of the few food on foot tours out there, consisting of between 2.5 and 3 hours of spooky food and stories. With a minimum of seven tastings at seven of Denver's haunted restaurants, their haunted food tours combine the best aspects of food and haunted tours, joining them together for one magical event!

This map next to old photos demonstrates the idea of using a map to explore haunted places

Who Would Benefit From a Haunted Food Tour?

A haunted food tour is a fantastic idea for budding entrepreneurs, looking to branch out into something new; perhaps to start their very own touring company. By hiring out catering companies, using the Leisure F&B Expo as a vehicle to do so, you can tick food off of your list, and start researching your ghost stories!

Alternatively, if you’re a catering company looking to showcase your products, a haunted food tour is a fresh and memorable way to show off what you do. With Halloween on the way, what better way to make people remember your food than through ghosts!

How Can the Leisure F&B Expo Help You Out?

At the Leisure F&B Expo, you’ll be able to join up with catering companies and food vendors to create a special event for your visitors. Meet our fantastic exhibitors, below, and many more this November, who can help you build your idea into a reality:

  • Apetito and Yearsley Food: catering companies worth connecting with, who could provide that added touch to your tour.

  • Simply Catering Equipment: catering equipment, to help with setting everything up.

  • Sibylla and Donna Italia: autumn-style food companies, who you could call upon to provide delicious tasters for your spooky menu.

This autumn cake is surrounded by autumnal objects, such as pumpkins and acorns

Want to Set Up Your Very Own Haunted Food Tour?

Have you been inspired with new ways to show off your food, or even with a new business idea!? Then head on over to the Leisure F&B Expo on 6th & 7th November at the NEC, Birmingham.

With your FREE tickets, you’ll have the chance to meet all the people who can take your new idea from the very beginning to the very end of creation. Don’t miss out on the chance to network with everyone who can help you, all under one roof, in just a couple of weeks time. We can’t wait to meet you there!

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