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5 Exotic Meats Worth Trying: Meat Alternatives to Traditional Tastes

Being a UK farmer, during a time when veganism is spreading, can be tough. That said, many vegans are opposed to eating traditional meat, mainly because of the way this meat is produced. With mass production spoiling meat quality, they’re looking for healthier alternatives they can trust.

Exotic meats could be the answer! Due to their comparative rarity, exotic meat production is much less commercial, and the animals can be nurtured, and humanely slaughtered.

Some of the best tasting meat substitutes, which may even beat traditional meat in taste and nutrition, are just around the corner...

These meat alternatives on a BBQ show that exotic meats are super tasty

1. Edible Insects

Starting with the weirdest of them all, edible insects are becoming all the rage. Insects are actually a fantastic source of protein, containing 70 percent protein compared to 32 percent in chicken! This is because insects are much more efficient at converting food to body weight.

To add to this, insects are also super sustainable, as they take up minimal space, produce few emissions, and require much less feed and water than mammals. For more information about why eating insects is on the rise, check out our blog post, here.

So, with all these benefits, what’s the one thing stopping insects reaching the mass market quicker? The ick-factor means many Brits are opposed to the thought of eating insects! That said, we can’t forget that numerous civilisations have consumed insects for years. Once we break this barrier, edible insects are sure to reach the mass market.

Edible insects can be consumed in protein powders, or even on their own, as tasty snacks. This makes them a versatile way to introduce more protein into your diet. We really think insects are the future - will you join the revolution?

2. Crocodile Meat

With chicken production receiving a lot of backlash in the media recently, many people might be on the hunt for an alternative. A fantastic pork and chicken substitute for protein is crocodile.

In fact, crocodile is a white meat, which is reminiscent of the UK’s traditional white meats, but is actually more nutritious! Crocodile is low in fat and high in protein, making it a truly fantastic choice. Whether it be fried crocodile, crocodile skewers, gumbo, chilli, or crocodile sausages, anything is possible.

This crocodile in water will soon be made into tasty crocodile meat

3. Kangaroo Farming

We’ve seen it on I’m a Celebrity time and time again, but what does kangaroo meat bring to the table? Indigeneous Australians have been eating kangaroo for centuries, and it’s no wonder! Not only is it a tasty red meat, but it also contains less than two percent fat, and is high in protein.

For anyone looking to enhance their gym goals in the New Year, kangaroo is the perfect meat for you to bulk up with. Be it kangaroo steaks, sausages, meatballs, burgers, or mince, it’s a versatile yet nutritious alternative to traditional British meat.

4. Buffalo Burgers

Beef is a super popular meat choice for most Brits, but it’s also one of the biggest contenders our environment faces. Buffalo is a potential alternative, but actually has more flavour than beef, with less fat too. To top it off, buffalo is stuffed full with omega 3, making it an ideal option for anyone who’s not such a fan of fish.

5. Alpaca Meat

Low in fat and cholesterol, high in protein, and a tender alternative to lamb, alpaca meat is a winner. Alpaca and llama farming is becoming more and more common in the UK, as these creatures make great companions to sheep by protecting them from predators.

Although alpaca meat isn’t necessarily as versatile as our other meat options, these friendly animals match the British climate perfectly. Could they be an increasing commodity worth investing in?

This large steak represents buffalo, one of our meat alternatives on our list

Meat Alternatives Never Looked So Good...

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