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Get prepared for HFSS!

We are entering a new era for food and drink. With fresh focus on gut health and its direct links with health and wellbeing, the food and drink sector is under the spotlight like never before.

What is HFSS? 

Foods high in fat, sugar and salt. They are about to become marginalised, with advertising bans and laws restricting retail.

The term HFSS is gaining recognition with consumers. Millennials are now the parents of young children and together with Generation Z they are driving fast change in the marketplace. These are our customers.

The Retail Challenge

Retailers share in the responsibility to match consumer demand. 

Most retail sectors have asked for more time to prepare for the exclusion of HFSS products. 

The Department of Health and Social Care announced that the measures will be introduced from October 2022 rather than April 2022. The delay is to allow businesses enough time to prepare for the restrictions and follows a consultation with the whole industry on the issue.
The proposed restrictions mean that retailers would not be able to put HFSS products:

  • Within two metres of a checkout area

  • Within two metres of a designated queueing area

  • In an end of aisle display

  • At the entrance to the store

Replacement products are needed.

Which products can feature in these spaces? At Clever Sweets Limited we have always worked towards what consumers want and need. We are ready to fill those spaces. 

Introducing our amazing lollipops, Lou Lou’s Lollies!

Our ethos is built on transparency. There are just a handful of real fruit and natural ingredients in our lollipops. What is really different about them? They are 

  • Sugar free and tooth friendly – safe to crunch!

  • Sweetener free – no artificial sweeteners like the widely used sucralose, aspartame and acesulfame K,       which parents hate.

  • Using the very best allergen free natural colours and flavours (Strawberry and Watermelon, our best        sellers initially)

  • Fortified with efficacy proven bioactive ingredients to enhance wellbeing (Vitamin C in our first                   variant).

  • Using recyclable and compostable packaging, with carbon neutral goals.

We’ve tested the market and discovered wide appeal. We’re also manufacturing in the UK post pandemic and working with our loyal customer base to keep innovating. Our registered tasters will be busy! 

Our branding engages with a wide base too – it conveys our natural ingredients. Learn much more via our new website at We have the perfect retail options for you.

Conclusion – there is hope!

We’re also accredited with Sugarwise, the international authority for sugar related claims.  The Sugarwise marque is the trusted and recognised sign guaranteeing that any sugar related claims have been independently verified. Our packaging displays the marque with the optimal claim ‘sugar free’. 

We encourage manufacturers to align with accrediting bodies as they redevelop their products. We aim to help consumers recognise health and wellbeing promoting products.  

And even mouth wateringly delicious tasty treats can be a good choice!

See you at the show!

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