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Reduce your Single Use Plastic Consumption

Having launched our selection of locally roasted Eco Coffees, where we recycle your used coffee grounds into Biofuel, businesses appetite for environmentally friendly products became increasingly apparent to us. 

So, we went on the develop a range of Eco products to help businesses be more environmentally conscious as well as reducing their consumption of single use plastics… 

Reusable Coffee Cups

These days it is quite normal to encourage customers to bring their own Reusable Coffee cup, often by offering a discount on their coffee. We support this with a selection of Reusable coffee cups for you to offer to your customers. 

However, there will always be a need for Single Use Coffee Cups, so where there is a need, it is important to consider which cups will have the least impact on the environment. 

Plastic Free Green Cups

Most takeaway coffee cups were traditionally made with a PET Plastic lining derived from fossil fuels. These are usually recyclable but tend to get taken away and therefore do not end up in recycling bins, so many businesses moved to using PLA compostable cups. 

However, although PLA is derived from plants and is compostable, the cups need processing in a commercial facility and there are very few of these in the UK, this means that the vast majority don’t actually get composted. And when it comes to recycling, PLA is in fact a contaminant and should NOT go into general recycling. 

New in the UK, our cups are…

  • Free from PET Plastic and PLA Bioplastic

  • 100% Biodegradable 

  • 100% Recyclable 

And unlike PET and PLA lined cups, if our cups did end up in landfill, they would decompose within approximately 180 days, leaving no chemicals and no negative impact on the environment. 

New Legislation

You may be aware of the new legislation regarding single use cups coming into effect…

1. A logo of a Dead Turtle will be required on all single use plastic cups

2. A new tax on all non-recyclable cups. PLA compostable cups are non-recyclable so are likely to be subject to the tax. 

We can offer help and advice about the possible implications of the new legislation.

Eco Water

New in the market, our Eco Water Bottle is a simple but unique concept… 

Step 1. Refresh: Open and enjoy a bottle of Fresh Spring Water bottled at source in the UK. 

Step 2. Refill: Once you have enjoyed you refreshing drink, Refill and Reuse the aluminium bottle over and over, as many times as you want. 

Step 3. Recycle: Eventually after potentially hundreds of uses, recycle the bottle to ensure the aluminium gets reused. 

Coffee Machines

As well as all these Eco products, we supply and service a range of Coffee Machines from bean to cup machines to traditional espresso machines. 


For more information about our range of Eco Coffees, Green Cups, Eco Water or other Eco products, please visit us at stand 3210, or see our website 

Call: 01202 822243 


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