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Welsh Food and Drink

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Welsh Food and Drink is sold across the globe and with the delicious quality of Welsh food and quaffability of Welsh Drink this is not surprising. But where, say, can you buy Welshcakes? The website is starting to answer that question by showing you the producers, the retailers and the places that you can stay at, or eat at, that provide Welsh Food and Drink.

The history of Welsh food and Drink is long but very vague excepting perhaps the likes of Caerphilly Cheese, Bara Brith, Welsh Lamb and of course Cawl have featured since the days that the Welsh Celtic warriors roamed from the Welsh Coast and across Offa’s Dyke selling and buying their wares.

Be it a Welsh country mansion or a lowly worker’s cottage the dining table traditionally had on it local food. This was more of a necessity centuries ago but now is much more a desire with organisations such as the Slow Food Movement promoting regional cuisine and traditional dinner recipes and cooking generally. This regional cuisine is supported by the modern day PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and PDO (Protected designation of origin) status of many Welsh foods such as Welsh Lamb, Welsh Beef, Laverbread, Caerphilly Cheese, Carmarthenshire Ham, Pembrokeshire Early Potatoes and Anglesey Sea Salt (PDO). Wales is surrounded on three sides by water with many rivers & lakes across the Welsh Countryside so we cannot forget Conwy Mussels (PDO), West Wales coracle caught salmon and West Wales coracle caught sewin. All of this food needs to be refreshed by Welsh drinks, so also recognised are Welsh Cider and Welsh Perry also having PGI status with Welsh Wine also having PDO status.

Visit the Welsh Food and Drink website where we want you to find, enjoy and have the best memories of Blas Cymru (translated from the Welsh language as Welsh taste & flavour).

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