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Shankys Whip

Shanky’s Whip Stand information: LFB932
  • Shankys Whip
  • Shankys Whip
  • Shankys Whip
Shankys Whip Shankys Whip Shankys Whip

Shanky’s Whip 

Distilled in County Cavan, and blended and bottled by Shanky and Shireman under bond in Ireland. Shanky’s Whip is positioned to bridge the gap between Irish whiskey and liqueur – two growing categories. 

Using a blend of Irish spirits and aged pot still whiskey, Shanky’s Whip uses the natural flavours of vanilla infused with caramel, creating a dark and distinctive spirit that is creamy and smooth with buttery, vanilla notes and a sweet spice and butterscotch finish with long Irish whiskey notes.

Serve neat as a digestif, with cola or ginger beer, add to coffee, or in a Espresso Martini or Old Fashioned.   

Available now via UK distributor, Craftwork (tel: 02382 145596 / email:

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